Often, small companies and start-ups especially don’t have the resources to be able to finance ongoing agency support. However, today more than ever, a holistic concept is key to establishing a company’s presence. Our solution: group-PR-workshops or individual meetings where we advise on the most important steps and provide targeted training.

Workshop I: PR for start-ups – questions and answers, general guidelines and tips
Workshop II: Communication on social media
Workshop III: Individual communication strategies – a guideline for addressing the media



How is my company/my brand perceived by the outside world?
How can I develop my idea into a brand?
What’s missing from my brand presence?
Am I conveying the values I stand for?

Have you ever asked yourself these or similar questions? The path to prominence and the success that this brings is paved with many questions. Often, an objective view on an idea or concept can provide new avenues and opportunities. Just ask – we’re always happy to help!